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Terms of Service...

Please Note, Unless I package / wrap the container or items your items will not be covered unless there is a Total loss to the container. I do not require motorcycles to run when loading them. I am not responsible for the Mechanical condition of your motorcycle. You will receive your items in the same condition you gave them to me. 

I may shuffle items back and fourth in my pickup if the pickup or delivery locations are difficult for a Large trailer and truck to get into. Ie NYC, Philadelphia Pa, San Francisco Ca ect.

I do my best to work with all customers both on the pick up and delivery locations. I call when I am 12 to 24 hours away and expect the respective person to work with me on pickup or delivery. The time starts when I first attempt to contact you, not when you respond to a message or email. If there is a problem that cannot be resolved on the pick up end, I will either cancel the bid or plan it for the next trip. If there is a problem that cannot be resolved on the delivery end (When I have your items on board) I will find the closest storage facility and put them in storage. You are responsible for the storage fees that Must be paid to me prior to you receiving the Key to the storage unit. Please understand I am trying to keep moving as I have Several (Around 30) customers on board my trailer at any given time. I may also charge a $250 "Dry Run" fee if more than 12 hours is spent in your area due to your shipment or If I arrive to the location and you cancel the shipment.

I do not insure Cardboard type furniture and will not cover previously damaged items. I do not cover Glass , Marble, Plaster of any type Meaning Cabinet Glass, Table Top Glass, Sheet Glass, ect. I will Do my absolute Best to pad it and strap it to a wall or lay the piece in a away that diminishes the risk of breaking but due to the delicate nature of Glass, Marble, Plaster ect I will not cover it. If there is a "Crack" in a fairing or side panel on a motorcycle or furniture and it gets bigger due to the rough roads or from being moved, I do not insure that previous damage or the worsening of the damage in my care. 

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